Forthcoming Issue: Forthcoming Issue: JRCD Vol 3, No 8


More on the 2018 update of “Clinical classification of rare cardiovascular diseases and disorders”

Piotr Podolec


Rare cardiovascular diseases
Classification of rare cardiovascular diseases and disorders: challenges in categorisation of different

Andrzej Przybylski


Quality of life

Spirituality/religiosity of man from the perspective of quality of life – a review of Polish research in social studies

Joanna M. Łukasik, Katarzyna Jagielska, Norbert G. Pikuła


Rare diseases

Comparison of platelet count reduction in patients with essential thrombocythaemia treated with hydroxy‐
urea and thromboreductin. Single centre experience (RCD code: VIII)

Anna Prochwicz, Szymon Fornagiel, Katarzyna Krawczyk, Dorota Krochmalczyk


Rare diseases of the heart

Left ventricular non‐compaction – diagnostic challenges (RCD code: III‐5A.1.o)

Paulius Orda, Ausra Krivickiene, Tomas Lapinskas, Egle Ereminiene

Rare diseases of systemic circulation

Non‐ruptured symptomatic splenic artery aneurysm (RCD code: I-1D.1)

Hossein Farsavian, Mehdi Davoodi, Mahtab Bonyadi, Amirhossein Hessami, Amir Shamshirian, Seyyed Abbas Hashemi,
Sina Nazemi, Ashkan Piranviseh

Rare diseases of the heart

Heart broken by a mosquito: an unusual case of Takotsubo syndrome

Javed Majid Tai, Anam Haider, Bilal Hussain

Unclassified rare cardiovascular diseases and disorders

Safety of pulmonary vein isolation in atrial fibrillation patients treated with dabigatran when idarucizumab is available (RCDD code: VIII)

Edward Koźluk, Dariusz Rodkiewicz, Agnieszka Piątkowska, Paweł T. Matusik, Grzegorz Opolski

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