Patent ductus arteriosus recanalization following its successful surgical closure (RCD code: IV-2B.4)

Katarzyna Mizia-Stec, Zbigniew Gąsior, Leszek Szymański, Wojciech Walkowicz, Magdalena Mizia, Piotr Pysz, Maciej Tomasz Wybraniec, Błażej Kusz

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Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) is rarely diagnosed late in adult life, and frequently in children as an isolated disorder or complex congenital heart defect. PDA represents an anomaly defined by the communication between descending thoracic aorta below the origin of left subclavian artery and proximal part of left pulmonary artery. The hemodynamic sequelae and resultant symptomatology of PDA depend on the diameter of communication and the difference between systemic and pulmonary vascular resistance. We hereby present a case of an adult female patient after surgical repair of PDA with surgical patch leak.


PDA; congenital heart disease; treatment; patch leak


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