Improving education quality in the field of rare diseases following European Union recommendations

Piotr Podolec

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Dear Friends and Readers, This is always a pleasure to introduce the new issue of our Journal. This time we start from the article that confirms the importance of rare diseases problem – not only in terms of economy, but concentrating on pro‑ fessional education. Healthcare workers often have in‑ sufficient knowledge on rare diseases that may lead to delay in making a diagnosis and providing appropriate care. The fifth area of the Europlan entitled: “Gather‑ ing The Expertise On Rare Diseases At European Lev‑ el” includes education, development and exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of rare diseases. This area was ranked high priority in rare diseases, be‑ cause it determines appropriate and fast diagnosis and high level of healthcare. In the present review me and Prof. Grzegorz Kopeć summarize European Union rec‑ ommendations on the implementation of education systems in the member states. We also show the imple‑ mentation of the programme in the Jagiellonian Uni‑ versity Medical College. The Steering Committee of the project funded by European Union entitled “De‑ velopment of the European Network in Orphan Car‑ diovascular Diseases” together with the  authorities of Jagiellonian University Medical College, Faculty of Medicine decided to establish a unique educational program on rare diseases for medical students. Scien‑ tists and tutors affiliated at the Jagiellonian University as well as partner Universities and organizations took part in the project. We welcome you to read the whole text and to share with us your remarks and suggestions concerning the education of students and medical pro‑ fessionals in the field of rare diseases.


European Union recommendations



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