Case report on aortic valve replacement in adult woman with systemic mastocytosis (RCD code: VIII)

Monika Różewicz-Juraszek, Tomasz Hryniewiecki, Katarzyna Faber, Elżbieta Abramczuk, Ewa Orlowska-Baranowska, Piotr Szymański

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We present a case of a 50 year-old woman who was referred to our department with severe symptomatic aortic stenosis and systemic mastocytosis. Conventional mechanical aortic valve replacement was performed successfully with the  use of perioperative protocol based on dexamethasone, cetirizine and ranitidine. The only postoperative event was an onset of atrial fibrillation which was treated with amiodarone infusion. 8 days after surgery the patient was discharged home. JRCD 2017; 3 (2): 54–55


rare cardiovascular disease; aortic stenosis; perioperative management; mast cells; antihistamine agents; steroids


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