Transradial carotid artery stenting with the use of a novel integrated embolic protection technology (RCD code: I‑1B.O)

Damian Maciejewski, Piotr Paluszek, Roman Machnik, Łukasz Tekieli, Mariusz Trystuła, Marek Kazibudzki, Robert Musiał, Jacek Legutko, Piotr Pieniążek

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We present the case of a 79‑year‑old woman with critical right internal carotid artery stenosis in whom carotid artery stenting was performed via a right radial artery approach with the use of a novel integrated embolic protection technology- Paladin System® (Contego Medical). JRCD 2018; 3 (7): 239–242


carotid artery stenting; radial approach; Paladin System


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