Vol 3, No 2 (2017)

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“A rare day to put rare diseases in the spotlight!” “With research possibilities are limitless” PDF
Podolec P 35-36

Review Article

Rare diseases of the heart
Cardiac sarcoidosis – management and prognosis (RCD code: III‑3A.3) PDF
Błaut‑Jurkowska J, Kaźnica‑Wiatr M, Knap K, Tomkiewicz‑Pająk L, Podolec P, Olszowska M 37-43

Original Paper

Rare diseases of pulmonary circulation
The pilot study of role of electrical cardiometry in non‑invasive assessment of hemodynamic parameters in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (RCD code: II‑1A.1) PDF
Kazimierczyk R, Jasiewicz M, Marcinkiewicz-Siemion M, Knapp M, Lisowska A, , Sobkowicz B, , Grzywna R, 44-49

Case Report

Rare congenital cardiovascular diseases
Clinically silent, right and left ventricular outflow tract obstructions in an adult patient (RCD code: IV‑3A) PDF
Gierba M, Kwiecien E, Drabik L, Heród P, Dzieciuch-Rojek M, Iwaszczuk P, Płazak W 50-53
Rare diseases
Case report on aortic valve replacement in adult woman with systemic mastocytosis (RCD code: VIII) PDF
Różewicz-Juraszek M, Hryniewiecki T, Faber K, Abramczuk E, Orlowska-Baranowska E, Szymański P 54-55
Rare diseases of systemic circulation
Spontaneous coronary artery dissection secondary to intimal fibromuscular dysplasia (RCD code: I‑1C.O) PDF
Hamza T, Sharkey F 56-58
Rare congenital cardiovascular diseases
Transcatheter closure of perimembranous ventricular septal defect with muscular VSD occluder after infective endocarditis in a patient with previous primum atrial septal defect closure, prosthetic aortic and mitral valves replacement. (RCD code IV‑2B.3) PDF
Sarnecka A, Weryński P, Wilkołek P, Tomkiewicz‑Pająk L, Brózda M, Podolec P 59-64


Highlights from EuroEcho-Imaging 2016 Congress of the European Society of Cardiology, Leipzig, Germany. PDF
Wiśniowska‑Śmiałek S 65-66
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